Sarah Hale

Sarah brings to UH a thirty-year career with a background in communications, marketing, development and public relations, with a concentration on interior design. 

Educated at the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill, Sarah’s career has equipped her to assume the many varied roles required of an executive director. 

It was her work in interior design that was the genesis of her shift to affordable housing. What she loved most about that work was the ability to improve the everyday lives of families through effective design, and it left her longing for a deeper, broader impact. We all understand the power of home, for better or for worse, and she came to Urban Hope with the intent of helping our city improve the prospects of home for those who need better.

The most rewarding thing about her work is her knowledge that what she does all day, every day, is very tangibly helping to improve the lives of Urban Hope’s clients, as well as the future of the neighborhood, and by extension, our city. Urban Hope envisions a thriving community where everyone can find a home; when we are securing affordable housing that will stay affordable, we are working toward that vision.

In her personal time, Sarah has volunteered extensively at The Virginia Home, St. Christopher’s School, Third Church and the READ Center. She is founder and co-facilitator of the Saints Moms’ Bible Study, a large and small group study currently in its sixth year.