"We've got to move."

It's an all-too-familiar phrase in Richmond, VA.  With an eviction rate that is second highest in the nation, in 2016, Richmonders were seeing 17 evictions per day.  While the data does not yet reveal why this is happening, there is no doubt: the lack of affordable housing has reached a crisis level for our city.  With a poverty rate of 25%, and a child poverty rate of 39%, Richmond has some of the biggest challenges in our state.

How does affordable housing affect families?  Often, the struggle to keep a roof over their heads lead families to make excruciating choices:

  • move to neighborhoods that are less safe, or even worse, into shared situations that are often overcrowded and that put children into unsafe situations
  • extra shifts or second jobs, leading to exhaustion, childcare challenges, and the stress that ensues 
  • changing schools, disrupting children's education and social progress 
  • borrowing money, often from usurious sources, deepening debt
  • less money spent on healthy food and healthcare

Urban Hope knows that a safe, affordable home can be a cornerstone of opportunity, eliminating the need for these agonizing choices.


How can you help? Invest!

You can put your money to work, providing a safe, affordable home for a family.  Urban Hope offers the opportunity for you to contribute funds in exchange for a modest return.  We use investor funds to purchase and renovate homes that are solid, safe, and in keeping with our clients' budgets.

Families who move into Urban Hope properties are given financial counseling, and if it is their goal, the opportunity to move into homeownership.

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